'Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist' Author attacked by Dental Authorities over his book?

In August 2015 Dr. Zuk faced disciplinary charges from his provincial dental authority for writing his 'Confessions' book. The ADA&C lawyer made the argument that using the term 'Veneer Nazi' was harmful to the reputation of the dental profession. The hearing tribunal which were selected by the dental college agreed (The dentist-author has founded a lobby group and a public awareness website to protest the unfair treatment of dentists and plans to appeal the prejudicial verdict which was guided by a lawyer who had a vested interest in the case). The author is extremely disappointed with the verdict and his criticism of the dental authorities has attracted a $9,000,000 defamation lawsuit. 

The author is 
extremely concerned dental authorities are hiding the truth and selectively 'over-policing' aesthetic dental treatment in an attempt to make it appear they are protecting the public. This can subject good cosmetic dentists to malicious prosecution in an attempt to limit the use of porcelain veneers simply because a few have overused the procedure with inadequate consent. The point of the book was to explain the has been a style of care that pushed veneer treatment while downplaying the importance of alternatives such as orthodontics and composite bonding.

Patient should be able to get whatever treatment they wish after they are informed of their choices.

All treatment has risks and it is irresponsible for dental associations to try to punish dentists who have gone to great lengths to educate their patients.  Root canals and loss of the teeth are severe examples of complications that can occur following veneers, crowns, orthodontics and deep fillings. The dispute with the dentist is not usually the risk that a complication may occur, but who is responsible for the fees dealing with the complication.

How can you choose a good 'cosmetic dentist'?
To begin with, as discussed in the book, there is not a recognized specialty in cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry. Any dentist may call him/herself a 'cosmetic dentist' and it simply implies the doctor has an interest in promoting services that are appearance related. While some situations can be treated appropriately with porcelain veneers, it is important to know when other choices may be better. Check out some of the author's insider tips on this website.


'Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist' book written by Dr. Michael Zuk may be available on a very limited aftermarket on Amazon.com


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