'Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist' Author attacked by Dental Authorities over his book?
UPDATE: In August 2015 Dr. Zuk faced disciplinary charges for writing his 'Confessions' book. The author is extremely concerned dental associations are hiding the truth and now discretely 'over-policing' aesthetic dental treatment and subjecting good cosmetic dentists to malicious prosecution in an attempt to limit the use of porcelain veneers simply because a few have overused the procedure with inadequate consent. This is NOT what should be happening. Patient should be able to get whatever treatment they wish after they are informed of their choices. All treatment has risks and it is irresponsible for dental associations to try to punish dentists who have gone to great lengths to educate their patients.  Root canals and loss of the teeth are severe examples of complications that can occur following veneers, crowns, orthodontics and deep fillings. The dispute with the dentist is not usually the risk that a complication may occur, but who is responsible for the fees dealing with the complication. 


How can you choose a good 'cosmetic dentist'?

To begin with, as discussed in the book, there is not a recognized specialty in cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry. Any dentist may call him/herself a 'cosmetic dentist' and it simply implies the doctor has an interest in promoting services that are appearance related. While some situations can be treated appropriately with porcelain veneers, it is important to know when other choices may be better. Check out some of the author's insider tips on this website.

To read a Whistleblower book on Big Pharm visit

'Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist' book written by Dr. Michael Zuk is now available on a very limited aftermarket on Amazon.com

"The World's Most Expensive Veneer..."

Dr. Michael Zuk & Elvis Presley's Porcelain Veneer
-photo credit: Sandy Olson Photography

The author has a number of celebrity teeth in his collection and uses the media attention as an opportunity to discuss various important topics in the dental field.


"Recently the dentist-author was congratulated for his efforts to spread the word about concerns about a few overly enthusiastic cosmetic dentists...when it comes from a former President of the American Endodontic Association it is particularly appreciated."


People who are concerned about dentists who are on probation should consider supporting Tina's Bill. Many dental associations do not adequately protect the public from dentists who have been found to be incompetent. Many patients have been harmed by dentists who were on probation and not restricted from practice. Patients can not trust online rating systems and dentist membership websites which collect a fee for promotion.

To learn how to avoid a dentist on probation check out this news story:



Alberta Dental Association bans dentist-author from mentioning full title of his book on his practice website. (more details coming soon) - The author has established a website to expose problems at the dental association.

Dentist-Author featured as consultant in CBC Undercover Dentist Investigation - Marketplace which aired Oct. 19/12 - LINK

'Confessions Author' accepts post as blogger for Dental Tribune International - "I plan to discuss controversial subjects, interview interesting people and promote alternative practice strategies." -mz

Link to Blog:

Dentist-author Michael Zuk DDS wins the bid for the famous John Lennon Tooth at a UK auction.


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