Author attacked by Dental Authorities
over content in his 'Confessions' book...but he doesn't stop! These are the latest:
Dec 2019: Medical Errors Interviews Dr. Zuk -
See the Podcast series to hear from assorted victims of over-treatment:

This one was instrumental in inspiring a full audit of the Nevada Dental Board- 

PRESS RELEASE discusses concern with Dentist Continuing Education
Victim of 'Neuromuscular' Dentistry (now banned in two Canadian provinces) and Over-treatment shares her journey.
NEW December 2018- 'Dentistry's Dirty Secret' - One dental authority looked the other way while patients were being over-drilled: -
Banned book discussed in Dental Ethics article.
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This may be the largest Dental Cover-up in Recent History. Physicians were influenced by sponsored continuing education from Big Pharma, but many have no idea that Big Dental Labs and manufacturers have been twisting the minds of dentists for decades.  This has sometimes led to horrifically painful results. This book is designed to be a guide for the media who agree that this true story needs to be exposed. 

Help by signing a Petition to the Dental Authority that continues to provide continuing education credits to a program which according to experts is often associated with malpractice lawsuits:

All treatment choices have risks . A dental authority has an obligation to warn dentists and patients about concerns within the profession. 

How long have dental authorities known about concerns with over-treatment linked to questionable continuing education programs? This 2004 article clearly lays out the same concerns that continue to harm patients in 2018:
*Some dentists are critical of LVI's commercial bent. "They give the wrong message to the dentist that it's OK to grind down teeth and sell the patient that their life is going to change and improve," says Simon Gamer, a dentist in Beverly Hills, Calif.
laboratories supplying goods to cosmetic dentists say their businesses are expanding at double-digit rates
Gordon J. Christensen, a clinical professor at the University of Utah and owner of the for-profit, continuing-education Practical Clinical Courses in Provo, Utah, says a "degeneration of ethics" has made his profession "highly upset."
Dr. Christensen, who has served on numerous ADA councils, says the onus to halt the rise of botched work falls on the ADA, which can recommend additional guidelines for cosmetic dentistry to state and local dental associations.

* The ADA, which represents the vast majority of the more than 155,000 U.S. dentists and advises the dental boards of each state, believes current ADA guidelines and state regulations provide "sufficient oversight for the protection of the public," says Matt Messina, an ADA consumer adviser and a dentist in Cleveland, Ohio.
Dentists say it also is up to patients to check their dentists' credentials and complaint records with their state dental board and county dental association, ask about more conservative treatments, and get second and third opinions before major work.

Due to actions against the author of these books Dr. Michael Zuk has filed an Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to consider the sanctions against him for writing Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist. He continues to ask the Alberta dental council to admit the authority failed to protect the public from known dangers discussed in his book. Note the ADA&C published the following article of concern in an internal document shared only with dentists (not the public):

It included the following:


I was one of the original instigators of the recognition of esthetic dentistry, over 25 years ago. However, my pet subject has turned into a monster with unbelievable overtreatment of unsuspecting patients. " - Dr. Gordon Christensen.

In 2018 a victim of over-treatment agreed to share her action against her former dentist in several e-books to help other victims and their lawyers seek compensation. These two books may be found through these links:

1) Prosecution of an LVI-trained Dentist -

2) A Victim of LVI Dentistry-
NOTE: This is not to imply every patient treated with LVI protocols will experience problems, however according to legal experts the treatment provided may be associated with a higher risk of malpractice. 

This video identifies a training program believed to be associated with high levels of malpractice:


'Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist' book written by Dr. Michael Zuk may be available on a very limited aftermarket on

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