'Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist' Author attacked by Dental Authorities over his 'Confessions' book...so he keeps on writing! This is the latest- available on Blurb.com.
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This may be the largest Dental Cover-up in Recent History. Physicians were influenced by sponsored continuing education from Big Pharma, but many have no idea that Big Dental Labs and manufacturers have been twisting the minds of dentists for decades.  This has sometimes led to horrifically painful results. This book is designed to be a guide for the media who agree that this true story needs to be exposed. 

Help by signing a Petition to the Dental Authority that continues to provide continuing education credits to a program which according to experts is often associated with malpractice lawsuits: https://www.change.org/p/alberta-dental-association-college-stop-recognizing-lvi-dentist-courses-for-continuing-education-credit

All treatment choices have risks . A dental authority has an obligation to warn dentists and patients about concerns within the profession. 


Insider Tips

These are a few insider secrets that could help you avoid a smile makeover disaster:

  1. STOP and understand just because a certain celebrity or your best friend had porcelain veneers does not mean they are the best choice for your individual situation.
  2. Be sure to ask the dentist if you can whiten your teeth as a 'pre-cosmetic' improvement. Affordable tray whitening can often provide results comparable to the faster in-office treatments. 
  3. Whitening can take longer in certain situations so delay the rush to veneer your teeth if you haven't tried a few techniques.
  4. Straightening crooked, healthy teeth without seriously considering orthodontics first is a common error made by many cosmetic dentists.
  5. If the dentist downplays the importance of orthodontics or aligners it could be a signal to get up and get a second opinion. Many cosmetic dentists exaggerate the time needed to straighten teeth.
  6. The 'Big Thing' as discussed in the Confessions book is the wave of short term braces systems that are now available. This treatment can reduce treatment times and improvements down to months. If the dentist says it will take three to four years in braces consider a second opinion.
  7. Be wary of a dentist that brags about doing 'thousands of veneers'...and has limited or no skills in orthodontics. 
  8. Many dentists can treat crooked teeth with plastic aligners, but some situations can be much faster if pre-straightened with 'braces'. 
  9. If you visit the dentist without any concerns about your smile and find the dentist or members of their team beginning to pick you apart cosmetically don't be too quick to be seduced. Many people have more character with smiles that are a little different.
  10. One technical tip that the author recently learned from a very respected aesthetic dentist (specialist in prosthodontics) is whiten first, replace any discolored white/composite fillings in your smile second...THEN you could choose to live with the result or proceed to the porcelain veneer option. A very important change is the veneer design may be extremely conservative and not need to extend to cover the fillings on the back of your teeth. This will greatly increase the amount of healthy tooth that is preserved (see photo below):
There are many other tips in the book but the top ten should give you an appreciation for the importance of being informed about your options.
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